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Dockside Lounge Menu

The Hampton Yacht Club is a members-only sports club that offers sailing programs for adults and children, as well as a waterfront restaurant for its members and their guests to dine. They are located in Downtown Hampton, Virginia, and cater to around 650 members.

Upon my research of their old menus and direct comments from members, I found that legibility and formatting were key points that they'd like to change. With their new menu, I wanted to show more hierarchical scale in the text as well as swap the typeface out for an open and minimalist look.

I worked with the Club Manager, Assistant General Manager, and the Food & Beverage Manager to find an optimal layout within their six-page limit. When we arrived at a point when the draft was looking more like the intended final version, I would present it to them within one of their blank menu holders. Minor edits in color and additional information would be adjusted upon request.

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